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New Findings Suggest the Creative Trends for Photographers in 2019

The team over at Shutterstock are back once again with their flagship report anticipating the visual styles that will be adopted by photographers and creatives in the year that follows. Will you be embracing these new trends in 2019?

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Photographer Spends Two Months Building a Replica of Local Chinese Takeaway, Shoots Cinematic Photo Series Inside

A photographer renowned for spending months at a time carefully curating his sets has just completed his latest project. He has now built a life-size replica of a local 1960s Chinese takeaway; complete with the original paintings and fittings, the series features genuine customers and the owner of the real takeaway. It debuts exclusively on Fstoppers.

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The Increased Risk of Lasers for Mirrorless Cameras

I have been shooting concerts for many years. These are mostly bands in small, dark, and obscure venues with not much light to work with. But eventually a lot of bands started to use lasers as a part of their show. That resulted once in a damaged sensor. I believe today there is a greater risk with mirrorless cameras and lasers.

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Critique the Community Winter



Submit your best Winter themed photos for a chance to win a free Fstoppers tutorial

This week’s Critique the Community theme will be “Winter.” Submit your best images now to receive feedback from the community and a chance to be critiqued by Lee and Patrick.

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Tips on Improving Your Lighting: Natural Light and Strobes

One of the most important things in photography is lighting. It doesn’t matter if it’s natural light or artificial light, how you capture it is key. Here are a few tips on how you can improve your lighting.

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