Logo Design development for retail and wholesale store

Kawena Distributors

Past: Distribution of goods to mineworker families Vision: To open a retail wholesale store around the country to sell to the general public and mineworkers.


Logo design and development

Concept ideas, sketches, and finalization of research & development/logo design concepts.

Mineworkers, supporting of migrants, family focused, social


Researched Keywords
Trusting, welcoming, secure, warm, likable, 
caring, strong, friendly, direct, clean, unison, 
easily remembered heritage, timeless

Friendly, supporting, warm, welcoming

(Adobe CC) Photoshop/Illustrator/Indesign

  • To reflect the company’s strength and history, choose a heavy/bold design.
  • The heart of the business, distribution, is represented by letters (conveying product boxes) stacked on top of one another.
  • To make a quick effect on the viewer, choose a simple bold design with only two colors.
  • Text and layout are used in a way that is easily recalled.
  • The letters ‘WE’ are highlighted to represent us, family, and ours.
  • The style and layout are simple and clear, making it easy to read from any distance.
  • The vertical arrangement of text was employed to raise brand awareness.
  • Because of the clean simplicity of the design and vertical positioning of the KA-WE-NA letters, it is easily recalled by migrants and the general public.
  • The light blue hue added to the letters ‘KA’ and ‘NA’ is highlighted.

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