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You have the perfect idea for a business. You’ve spent months, possibly even years developing this idea into something tangible. Perhaps most of your ducks are in a row, but now the only missing element, which is possibly one of the most important aspects of your business, is branding your business. It starts with your Logo Design which flows throughout your business brand from your email signatures to business card designs as well as online (and printable) stationary, and everything else in-between.

Perhaps you have a coaching course, a manual, textbook or your annual report which is ready to be designed and printed? Naturally the book cover and back design simply needs someone to carefully assist you with putting your carefully crafted words into a beautiful book design layout.

Having a personal graphic design service that takes the time to understand your business and appreciate how many long hours of work and love that you have put into your business or project, will give you peace of mind.

Your Company Logo Design

You may want a corporate logo design, a classic logo design, a simple black and white logo design or you have absolutely no idea yet, and that’s okay. You might already have a Logo Design that just needs some TLC or it urgently needs a fix because a previous designer promised you the moon, but failed to deliver. 

Rest assured, you can take a deep breath and grab a cup of your favorite tea (or a glass of wine!), and set a date to meet with us on a Zoom call. Let us take away that fear of bad logo design, and create something that fits your business brand beautifully. 

What is our Logo Design process?
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Brand Development Services

Once you are satisfied with your new logo, you know it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty and develop your brand into something that’s uniquely you, because it’s vital to look professional and consistent across all platforms.

You may have tried to set up your own email signature and letterhead or tried to design your own flyer and Social Media ads, but frustrated with the small things such as fonts that don’t fit, or the color doesn’t quite match and even worse: when you save your files to PDF – everything changes!

With business branding services, this is the fun part of branding your company and work with a team. Branding covers your business card design, letterheads, email signatures, and anything else that your visitors will identify you with your business.

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Book Layout Design

You have a brilliant course and you’re ready to sell it as a hardcover or e-book, or you have painstakingly put together an instructional manual or textbook? Congratulations!

You’re just needing to polish it off with high-quality book cover and page layout design because your readers are special to you, and you want them to feel valued when they are reading your material.

After all the long hours, and late nights putting your words to paper, the benefit of having a beautiful book design layout means your books will stand out and your readers will be proud to share your completed work of art.

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High Quality Printing Services

Chances are that you’re surrounded by “fast printing services”, and even tried a few printing companies nearby, surely you’ve done the “printing companies near me” Google search?

But you have yet to find a high-quality printing service company that will take on your printing and manage the entire project.

We work from concept to design, to print-ready, making sure your high quality printed books, flyers, brochures, business cards, and any other printables are delivered right to your doorstep, no matter where you are in the world, and ready to hand out.

The benefits of taking your print work to a branding and graphic design service company is that it takes away the headache of poor printing quality (which is usually at your cost!), and the frustration of a sloppy final product that’s too late to make any changes because you’ve just printed 500 Books!

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