Professional Illustration Services

Our illustration services cater to areas such as:

  • Graphic Design 
  • Product Support
  • Logo Design
  • Images
  • Digital Cartoons
  • Website Development
  • Apparel Customization
  • Storyboard Illustration

What are the next steps?

With a wide range illustration services offered to you, we can help meet any need you have and help you run your communication strategies effectively. Partner with us and discover the best way forward to boost your strategies with our Illustration Services.

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Visual Power is not to be taken lightly.

Because of the immense power that a visual has in transmitting a message, effective communication techniques would require a good visual or illustration to strike the target. Nothing is more appealing to everyone than a well-designed, high-quality illustration. We live in a new era in which quick and easy communication and dissemination of ideas are in high demand. Graphic illustration is critical in today’s world for catching your audience’s imagination and effectively disseminating your unique ideas. Everyone, from authors to book publishers to organizations to digital media and animation companies to advertising agencies, requires high-quality pictures to represent their products and services. With the growing demand for high-quality, effective graphics, we at Leo Design Agency are here to help.

Digital, graphical, technical or hand-drawn
Our illustration services are designed to cater to all your professional needs, be it in creating digital, graphical, technical, hand-drawn, or any other kind of illustrations. With a team of highly skilled illustrators, who are adept in conceptualizing an idea from its inception and converting it into a stunning work of visual, we can be your reliable destination and partner for all your illustration needs.

Apparel Customisation
With special skills in creating illustrations for apparels, we can provide for apparel customization needs, which is becoming a major trend of the present times. With creative skills and ensuring that we adhere to high quality benchmarks, our apparel customization illustration services can be used to create any type of unique design for you. With our services, you can stay singular and unique among the crowd. 

The benefits of working with us

We recreate a vector images from an existing noisy or blurred image, without losing any of its details. We always make sure that what you receive complies to your standards and looks the exact reproduction of the original image.
Our vector artwork services can also be availed to create designs that can be printed on t-shirts, jackets or other types of clothing suitable for screen printing. We are proficient enough to create images of any complexity in the best professional way. Our accurate services, with a fast turnaround time, can help you receive the vector artwork on time, in order to meet your business requirements.

Leo Design Agency offer professional services in vector artwork, where you can have any type of raster images created into a vector format. Our vectorizing professionals manually recreate a vector image from an existing noisy or blurred image, without losing any of its details. We always make sure that what you receive complies to your standards and looks the exact reproduction of the original image.

Vectorisation of flat images

Vectorization is the process of converting flat images (bitmap, raster) into vector line images. Bitmap or raster images are formed of many coloured dots that are called as pixels. The disadvantage bitmap/raster images have is  that they cannot be custom scaled to larger or smaller sizes without distorting the image. 

Images created in raster format would have the file extensions like “.jpeg”, “.psd”, “.bmp” and such. These images are constituted of hundreds of dots, or points of light, called as pixels. While trying to enlarge the image, these pixels will appear as blocks of colour, with many more new being added, making the image to look distorted, as a collection of blocks of colour. You cannot create a single image, say for instance, in 10 different sizes to use it for 10 different purposes.

The most important image you would need to resize more commonly would be your brand logo. When the need arises, you would have to resize the image or logo, for having it printed on a banner, a flyer, certificates or anything; and you cannot do it on a bitmap image. So the only solution is creating a vector artwork.

In conclusion

Vectorizing an artwork can help you to have any design, in any size, be it small or large, resized to any size you need, without losing any of its sharpness or quality. Vectorizing an artwork takes into consideration mathematical equations and is created using points and lines. It helps vector images to have infinite detailing capacity.
Logos and other important images must always be created in vector images so that even if you need it to be printed on a huge billboard, or a tiny visiting card, you can have it looking sharp and crisp at all times.


Our other Services:

Online Logo Design

You may desire a corporate logo design, a classic logo design, or you have absolutely no idea yet. You may already have a Logo Design that urgently needs a fix because a previous designer promised you the moon, but failed to deliver. To learn more and see our portfolio, go here.

Graphic Design & Advertising

Using well-thought-out concepts, images, and text, our creative process ensures that your advertising strikes the mark. Billboards, magazine advertisements and editorials, newspapers, signage, email marketing, posters, and flyers are all examples of artwork provided by Leo Design Agency. View here

Book Layout Design

You’ve created a fantastic course and are ready to sell it. Or have you spent a lot of time and effort putting out an instructional manual or textbook? Congratulations! You are aware of the importance of having a high-quality book cover and page layout design. Your novels will stand out, and your readers will appreciate the time and effort you put into them. 


Our illustration services are tailored to meet all of your professional requirements, whether you need digital, graphical, technical, hand-drawn, or other types of illustrations. View page

High Quality Printing

We work with you from concept to design to print-ready, ensuring that your high-quality printed books, flyers, brochures, business cards, and other printables arrive at your door, no matter where you are in the world. Taking your print work to a branding and graphic design service provider eliminates the pain of bad printing quality (which is generally at your expense!) and the aggravation of a sloppy final product that you can’t modify because you’ve already produced 5000 books!

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