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How important is a Logo?

  • A well-designed logo leaves a lasting impression on the viewer, causing them to remember a company.
    It’s similar to having a one-of-a-kind signature or stamp of approval.
  • What is the purpose of branding cattle? Purebred cattle have a unique design branded on their hide so that they may be traced back to their original owner and stand out in the herd.
  • In 2022, there will be over 100 million small companies on Facebook, so having a well-designed, original logo and identity is critical to standing out.
  • A well-designed company logo will create a lasting impression. A good logo design with branding will reflect a company’s quality.
  • Clients gain trust as a result of the respect that a business owner has for his own company. They, in turn, will have faith that they will be treated with the same care.
  • A clever design will be remembered for a very long time.

What are the next steps?

If you’d like to begin the logo design process with Leo Design Agency, we’d love to learn a little bit more about you and your company.

Simply click the Free 30- Minute Discovery Call button to select your preferred date and time for a call, and you’ll be led to a brief questionnaire to help the design team quickly assess your needs.

or send us a mail for further information.

Creative Brief

This is where we get into the details of your company. We’ll talk about the company’s background and what services or goods you offer. What are your aches and pains, and have you found any faults or problems with past logos and branding?


We’ll be able to provide you with an estimate after we have a thorough understanding of your requirements. Before the creativity wheels start rolling, a 50% deposit is required upon approval of the quotation. After the final presentation, the remaining payment is paid, and all files are delivered.


We need your input at this point, and this is the exciting part! We’ll want you to create a simple vision board outlining your company’s future goals. For instance, what are your favorite colors, and do you prefer vintage or modern styles? A easy method for obtaining rapid photographs from the internet and placing them on a Pinterest board, Powerpoint slide, or any other application you’re familiar with.

Meanwhile, we’ll be doing our homework and researching your competition! We’re cunning like that, but it’s a necessary part of the process. Our market research is comprehensive. We use deep brainstorming and mind-mapping to break down the business’s keywords, and this approach clarifies what your firm is all about.

Sketches + Design

We begin working on preliminary sketch renderings of the keywords that have emerged from our mind mapping process after we have a good knowledge of your business. This aids in the creation of potential icons that will effectively represent your brand. We’ll take your original ideas from your vision boards and put them together, and one of the concept drawings will gently but steadily stand out from the rest.


We are not going to keep you in the dark. We’ll show you three concepts that have emerged as a result of working through the sketches and illustrations in this step.
It will primarily be in draft style, but you’ll get a good concept of how the Logo design is progressing and how it looks across various branding mediums.
You can also view the various positions of how the symbol works best with the Logo and if the icon will work as a stand-alone in the presentation step.


You will now choose your favorite of the three concepts given. Please provide us your feedback on anything you’d want to see changed (not always needed of course).
Nobody understands your firm as well as you do, and you are an expert in your field. Perhaps you want a darker blue, or perhaps you have a few ideas and want to see if they will fit with the logo.

Revisions to the selected concept

Because your feedback was taken into consideration in the previous step, there should only be a few minor modifications to the Logo design before the final presentation and delivery. We allow for three last adjustments in this step before completing to stay within the schedule and budget constraints.
Excited? We are, and you should be, too!

Final Presentation

We prepare all of the files for delivery after the final decision is reached (digitally). If we meet with you in person, we’ll give you a presentation that includes prototypes of how your logo and branding will appear on various goods. If this isn’t possible, we’ll make a digital presentation.
Along with your files, you’ll get a brand identification package.

Final Payment/Logo Files Delivery

Our clients know exactly what to expect on delivery based on the negotiated contract with Leo Design Agency. This will be mentioned in the initial brief, and the contract will make it obvious. There are no surprises or hidden expenses. We ensure that each client’s exact logo design and rebranding objectives are satisfied because each client’s business needs are unique.


Your final logo and files are delivered to you in a Logobook . It’s similar to a logo and brand guide that you and your team can use in marketing.

The following will be included in your Logobook:

  • Brand (Company History/Story)
  • Logos (Logo colors, logo usage, and the different types/styles of your logo
  • Color Palette
  • Typography
  • Imagery

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